Guitfiddle Academy


Guitar Lessons


Students of all instruments are invited to play in the Wondersound Music recital. Once a year, through Wondersound Music, they have the option to play with a rock band outside of lessons and be in a rock show! It is nice to also step away from "normal stuff" too sometimes. Music from movies, anime, video games, etc. can also supplement learning just for fun.


All guitar students are first taught to read music notation, rudiments of music, and learn simple open chords. The beginner book is age appropriate, and for older students, by choice. Guitarists will also learn rock, blues, or country songs that use open chords.


Students at the intermediate level will learn more advanced chords, 2nd and 5th postion, and a style of interest. In addition, students learn simple soloing technique, song form, scales, progressive songs and may wish to learn finger-style.


Advanced students learn all other positions, more advanced chords, advanced technique, solidify progressive scales and modes, and learn advanced songs.

Music Theory

Music theory is important! Each student will learn music theory as part of his/her lesson. How advanced the theory is depends on age. Also, seperate theory lessons can be taken weekly or once in awhile in addition to regular lessons.

Keep In Mind...

The above are general learning schedules. Each student is different and will progress differently.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

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