Guitfiddle Academy


About Lessons

Here at Guitfiddle Academy, students are taught one on one, and lessons are catered to each individual student. Students are taught to have a great understanding of music and how it works, while having fun learning.

Over the past 15 years, Guitfiddle Academy has streamlined the learning process through experience with hundreds of individuals. This means students are taught learning and practice tools that really work to learn any style and accomplish thier musical goals. In addition, technology right in the studio helps students keep up with today's growing music tech needs.

Each lesson is a 1/2 hour in length (an hour may be taken) at the same time every week. If you find your time no longer works for you, you may change based on availability. Find out what times are available or view the full policy.

Want To Know More?

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Instrument sales and rentals are available in house at Wondersound Music.